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I am an average newbie to CakePHP. While reading cookbook found Ajax form and its submission. But it lacks more details.

What are the main difference between ajax form and a normal form or What are the more specific cases we need to use Ajax form over normal form?

An example will be appreciated


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A properly implemented Ajax form is exactly the same as a regular form, except that if JavaScript is enabled a submit handler will be bound to it that will prevent the normal submission of the form and send the data using the XMLHttpRequest object. The response will then be processed by JavaScript in the current page instead of by loading an entirely new page.

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This isn't necessarily a CakePHP question, it's understanding what AJAX is.

AJAX in layman's terms is basically submitting data to a website without reloading the current page. If this is the sort of feature you want, you'll need to look into the RequestHandler component and the JsHelper in the CakePHP book for the version you are using.

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