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I'm working on integration my rails application with Recurly.js.

Before I was making requests to recurly from my server side application, therefore I was able to stub all my integration with excellent VCR gem ( but Recurly.js makes request directly to the service from javascript code using JSONP.

The question is: how to mock these jsonp calls in the integration test?

Currently I'm using rspec + capybara + phantomjs driver (

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The only approach I came up with is on-the-fly javascript patching. As far as the Poltergeist gem has a method to execute javascript right in the test browser, you could apply the following patch to turn Recurly.js into the test mode:

# The original 'save' function performs JSONP request to Recurly.
# A token is borrowed during the real API interaction.
page.driver.execute_script(""" = function (options) {
    Recurly.postResult('/subscription', { token: 'afc58c4895354255a422cc0405a045b0' }, options);

Just make a capybara-macros, give a fancy name like 'stub_recurly_js' to it and invoke every time before submitting the Recurly.js forms.

Here is also a link to the original post if you want to dig a little deeper:

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Lone link is considered a poor answer since it is meaningless by itself and target resource is not guaranteed to be alive in the future. It would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference. –  j0k Oct 4 '12 at 16:17

Use puffing-billy. It injects a proxy server between your test browser and the outside world, and allows you to fake responses for specific URLs.


describe 'my recurly jsonp spec' do

  before do
    # call proxy.stub to setup a fake response
    proxy.stub '', :jsonp => { :bar => 'baz' }

  it 'does something with recurly' do
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