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i am using the propel runtime v1.5.4 and its related propel_generator in my zend_framework/php project since two years without any problems.

Yesterday i have updated the propel_generator via pear to v1.6.5 and the runtime library to v1.6.6. After the first build-proccess with the new generator i have a problem with the generated classmap-[project]-conf.php file:

Old Generator (v1.5.4)


      'AutocompleteQuery' => 'AutocompleteQuery.php',
      'AutocompleteTableMap' => 'map/AutocompleteTableMap.php',
      'BaseAclAssertion' => 'om/BaseAclAssertion.php'


New Generator (v1.6.5)


      'AutocompleteQuery' => 'AutocompleteQuery.php',
      'AutocompleteTableMap' => '/map/AutocompleteTableMap.php',
      'BaseAclAssertion' => '/om/BaseAclAssertion.php'


The new generator adds a leading slash before the 'map' and 'om' path. So the propel autoloader can not find the class-files.

Is there any config-option or a generator-template where i can change this?


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It seems the targetPackage build property is empty in your configuration. By default, Propel uses the project name as target package, so that you always have a directory before your classes:

  // ...
  'AutocompleteQuery'    => 'project/AutocompleteQuery.php',
  'AutocompleteTableMap' => 'project/map/AutocompleteTableMap.php',
  'BaseAclAssertion'     => 'project/om/BaseAclAssertion.php'

I fixed Propel to remove this limitation, that way it will generate a valid package path. I'm talking about packages here because packages are used to determine where to write files.

Documentation to understand packages in Propel:

Fixed by commit:

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Thank you very much! – PropelProbMaster Jun 26 '12 at 7:53
@PropelProbMaster if the answer solved your problem, don't forget to accept the answer. – j0k Jun 26 '12 at 15:32

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