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I'm trying to count the number of times that " --" occurs in a string.

So for instance, it occurs twice here 'a --b --c'

I tried the following, but it gives me 4 instead of 2, any idea why?

argv='a --b --c'
count = 0
for i in string.gfind(argv, " --") do
   count = count + 1
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The - character has special meaning in patterns, used for a non-greedy repetition.

You need to escape it, i.e. use the pattern " %-%-".

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you can actually do this as a one-liner using string.gsub:

local _, count = string.gsub(argv, " %-%-", "")

no looping required!

Not recommended for big files because the function saves the input to the _ variable, and will hold onto the memory until the variable is destroyed.

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