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i want to print a business card with a qr code that links directly to the app store on the iPhone for download

that is easy to do

issue is..when we upload a new version of the app....will that qr code still work? because am printing business cards that's why am worried.

let me know xxxx

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Print your QR code to a static link that you can then control where it redirects to.

QR Code -> [] -> [Your webpage redirects to app store]

You can then change it at a later date to point to anything you want without having to reprint your cards should the need arise.

Edit: Here is the URL Schema for the Apple AppStore. Just A thought but you could also build in some Browser Detection into your Redirect page. E.G: If iphone redirect to apple AppStore, If Android Redirect to Market Place. If you don't have a android app you could redirect to your business webpage.

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thanks for replying..but the link is a link to the app store on the iPhone..not a web when you scan it with your phone you go to the app store on the iPhone itself. let me know – Aaliyehh Jun 22 '12 at 8:31
Edited my answer to include more information. In your question you say "I want to print a business card", So I assume you haven't printed them yet and can just get a new QR Code. – Mark Price Jun 22 '12 at 8:47

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