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I have a WPF4 application i have 1 window which editing data :

main mn = db.mains.Single(p => p.ID == mID);
mn.Type = cbTypes.Text;
mn.Sum = Convert.ToDecimal(txtSum.Text);
mn.Datetime = datePicker1.SelectedDate.Value;
mn.Reason = txtReason.Text;
this.DialogResult = true;

after this closing window i have this:

if (ed.DialogResult)
    var dat = (from d in db.mains select d).ToList();

but dat is not filling with updated data(tried with debugger). I tried same thing in edit window and its working correctly.

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Try a Refresh on the entities before you pull them down again:

if (ed.DialogResult)
    db.Refresh(RefreshMode.OverwriteCurrentValues, db.mains);
    var dat = db.mains.ToList() // just use a lambda here, less code
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