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I have an adapter that connected to ListView, e.g.

mJournalAdapter = new JournalAdapter();

and I want to know inside of my JournalAdapter if some view (item of ListView) is visible or not, is it possible?

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if you know the postion of that item then can use

int last = listView1.getLastVisiblePosition();  

int first = listView1.getFirstVisiblePosition();
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You can use getFirstVisiblePosition() will give you the first visible Item in the ListView, so you can use that in your case.

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You can get callback , overriding OnDetachedFromWindow(); method in View

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That's not how you are supposed to do in the ListView. You're reinventing the wheel. The other 2 answers are legit. –  Sufian May 15 '14 at 5:29

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