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There are products and reviews of products. So, I can get product list like this...

GET /products

also I can fetch one product or reviews or the product like this...

GET /products/{productID}
GET /products/{productID}/reviews

Those are clear. but the problem happens when I want to get all reviews I wrote. I could create uri like this..

1. GET /products/reviews?author=myId


2. GET /reviews?author=myID

However, the problem of first one comes from conflict between {productID} and reviews. the problem of next one comes from relation products and reviews because reviews should be under the products according to the hierarchy.

How can I get all reviews I wrote with RESTful API?

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usually the route is like this

GET /products/:product_id/reviews?author=myID

so the parameters are - product_id - author

with that, you will get all the reviews for a certain product and author.

Though, if you want all of your reviews, then this is correct:

GET /reviews?author=myID

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To get all reviews written by a given author for all products, a RESTful way to do this would be

GET /authors/{authorId}/reviews

If you want to get all reviews written by a given author for a single product, then you could use

(a) GET /authors/{authorId}/products/{productId}/reviews

I like this approach over specifying productId or authorId in the query string. Authors contain products, and products contain reviews, so this is a nice RESTful URL. But if you want to use query string, then you could use either of the following:

(b) GET /products/{productId}/reviews?authorId={authorId}

(c) GET /authors/{authorId}/reviews?productId={productId}

But I personally prefer option (a) over options (b) or (c). I think it describes the object hierarchy in a cleaner way.

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