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I have created helper function(link_to_alert) in two different helpers

  1. app/helpers/posts_helper.rb
  2. app/helpers/students_helper.rb

Now calling my helper function link_to_alert from app/views/student/index.html.haml

Problem is the view calling the same function present in app/helpers/posts_helper.rb

How do I call the helper function present in app/helpers/students_helper.rb from my app/views/student/index.html.haml view?

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Modulename.definitionname would work –  Abhay Kumar Jun 22 '12 at 12:00

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Since all helpers are included into all controllers by default the most common way is to name the functions differently, for example link_to_alert_posts and link_to_alert_students.

The second way is to disable including all helpers and pick the ones you need in a controller.

config.action_controller.include_all_helpers = false

class PostsController
  helper :posts

class StudentsController
  helper :students

In this case all views rendered by Posts Controller will have the function from Posts Helper, and for Students Controller - from Students Helper.

The third way is to use module_function and prefix all calls with the helper module name. I have never seen this used particularly with Rails helpers though.

module StudentsHelper

  def link_to_alert


Another approach would be using presenters or decorators, but that is a totally different topic.

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Why not put different names, link_to_alert_posts, link_to_alert_students?
And btw you can call it by putting the Module name and the function name.

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