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I have the following requirement. I have a table with 4 columns. ncpus, ndisks, f1, f2. I need a scatter plot that shows the behavior of f1 and f2 with change in ncpus and ndisks; i.e. consider the following data:

ncpus |  ndisks |    f1 |    f2
   10 |     255 |  6.63 |  7.37
   50 |    1024 | 26.89 | 30.56
  100 |    1024 | 28.69 | 36.03 

and so on. Now what i need is a scatter plot that plots ncpus, ndisks on Y-axis and f1, f2 on X-axis. Can anyone show me how this is done in excel?

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Non-programming. Please ask this at Super User –  brettdj Jun 22 '12 at 13:29

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If I understand you correctly it's not really possible and you should consider surface plot or several plots. Anyway, you can have primary and secondary axes in scatter plot, but you can only plot series on one axis. Of course you could plot f1 and f2 on ncpus axis and then plot a bogus series on f2. The process of adding secondary y axis is described by MS

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