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I need more information about the Jruby on rails framework. I have read a lot about the difference between ruby/ruby on rails/jruby/jruby on rails and still do not know fundamental things like:

  • is this server side or client side;
  • if I use jruby on rails, will be able to use for example jquryUI
  • not able to find a clear exmaple of the steps of website development
  • if not client side language/which one is good for use with DB2

Note: I have used till now only T-SQL,classic ASP(server side), javacript and jquery(client side). I have done only few desctop applications in Java and mySQL and that's why I need a litle bit more information about jruby on rails before i dive into the books i have.

Thanks in advance.

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  • It's server side
  • As mentioned above it's server side, so jQueryUI can be used without confilict
  • Create model, create controller, create view, FIN
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thank you a lot. Could you provide a litle bit more information about the model->controller->view->FIN part? And just for more information - can you tell me some of its benefits versus other server side languages like asp and php? –  gotqn Jun 22 '12 at 9:08

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