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I run the command copied from the time's manual, but it complained -f command not found. Why it recognized -f as a command?

$ time -f "%E real,%U user,%s sys" ls -Fs
-f: command not found

real    0m0.152s
user    0m0.108s
sys 0m0.040s

I doubt the shell and decide to try another shell. In the above, the shell is bash. I switched to dash and found time run correctly now.

My system is Linux Mint 13.

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You can use the bash built-in command to suppress shell functions and built-ins:

command time -f "%E real,%U user,%s sys" ls -Fs

(Longer, but a little more explicit, than using \time.)

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time is a built-in command in bash and zsh. If you'd like to execute the external command instead, you should call /usr/bin/time -f ....

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Bash includes a stripped-down version of time. Use /usr/bin/time instead.

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Added to other answers, you can override the built-in command by \.

\time -f "%E real,%U user,%s sys" ls -Fs
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