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I have committed some code to the master when actually I gotta be doing it in a separate branch. What's worse, I pushed the changes (more precisely, did a svn dcommit, but that shouldn't make any difference) and there are several people who pushed their changes to the master after me. This is what the master looks like now:

A (theirs) - B (mine) - C (mine) - D (mine) - E (theirs)

I want to move my commits to a separate branch to make it look like this:

A (theirs) - E (theirs)
|            ↑
|            master
+ - B (mine) - C (mine) - D (mine)

Is there any way to do this?

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SVN never forgets. You may only replace existing 'trunk' in with new history. I can tell how to do that using SmartGit

I would recommend you to use cherry-picks: in this case svn:mergeinfo will be translated correctly.

  1. I suppose you're on master and have no local changes. Reset master to A (Local->Reset, find A).
  2. Now you need to re-apply E. Open Log, find E -> right click -> cherry-pick (in the dialog Cherry-pick & commit).
  3. You may now push master to replace your trunk: Remote->"Push advanced", check "Force" checkbox.
  4. Now trunk is correct. Create a branch "newbranch" and switch to it.
  5. Open Log again, find and select commits B, C, D -> right click -> cherry pick (Cherry-pick & commit again).
  6. Press Push. In the dialog that may appear select "Push as new".
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