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what I'm trying to do is to call render from a controller for a tag (function) inside a template instead of the template. This way i could use it for partial renderings of a page from ajax calls. Of course i could separate the components of the form in several templates an call render on those but i think it would be cleaner the other way

What I wat trying to do is like the following:





* Helper generating form *
@content() = {

<h3 class="form-heading">@Messages("employees")</h3>

@form( {    



And usin ajax render the content function, without having to separate it to a separate file. This way I could render portions of the template without fragmenting it in multiple files.

Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance Manuel, Madrid

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Accept the answer – JustLikeThat Jan 21 '13 at 23:01

De facto the tag is just smaller template, so you can use tags for both - using in templates and controllers, the simplest sample:


This is my tag...

In controller can be rendered as:

public static Result createFromTag(){
    return ok(views.html.tags.mytag.render());

In other template you just to insert:

And there is my tag rendered

More flexibility

Of course as it's template ergo Scala function as well you can just pass some params to it or even Html body:


@(headline: String)(body: Html)

<div class="tagsBody">

In controller can be rendered as:

public static Result createFromTag(){

    return ok(
                    "Head from controller",
                    new play.api.templates.Html("This code becomes from <i>controller</b>")

(of course you can import these two for shorter code in action import play.api.templates.Html; and import views.html.tags.othertag)

Finally in your template you can use the tag as:

And there is my tag rendered <br/>
@tags.othertag("Head from template"){
    some content for the tag's body from <b>The Template!</b>


You'll find tags description in documentation.

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I can't seem to make this work for me. I have a button on my view which calls the equivalent of 'createFromTag'. It then replaces the whole page with just the rendering of my equivalent of othertag. Do you know how can i get the button to cause another portion of the view to re-render? – Sam Aug 24 '12 at 10:59

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