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I have some problem with this mongoid. It's my first time to use mongoDB, Before, I always use mySQL.

Here is my problem. I have model "User". In model "User" has embedded one "Profile", and I want to search users data with criteria name "dummy" for field "profile.first_name", "profile.last_name", and "username".

I already use this syntax, but I got empty result:

@filter = "dummy"
@users = User.any_of({'profile.first_name' => /#{@filter}/i, 'profile.last_name' => /#{@filter}/i, :username => /#{@filter}/i})
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Try this

@filter = "dummy"
@users = User.any_of({:profile.first_name => "/@filter/i"},{:profile.last_name="/@filter/i"}, {:username => "/@filter/i"})

look at the brackets.

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Ops... yeah.. my faults. Thank you! –  hendragunz Jun 22 '12 at 10:00
your welcome :). I did the same mistake yesterday –  Abhay Kumar Jun 22 '12 at 10:01

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