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Hi i set parameters for tomcat in configuration window on tab java and field java options. I'd like add to configuration to catalina_opts is there a way how to do it??

In that field i have


Edit: 22.06.2012 12:26

I want add this parameters


Edit: 22.06.2012 12:51

I put these parameters directly into the field "Java options" and it works, not sure why it doesnt work in 1th time.

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If you're running linux, it's probably better to set the -D options in /etc/sysconfig/tomcat6. That way you can pass different options to different tomcats running on the same box. More info here (for instance): openlogic.com/wazi/bid/188102/… –  thethirdwheel Aug 16 '13 at 18:16
This probably isn't distribution-independent, though. Or the right version of tomcat, for that matter. I found my JAVA_OPTS= on Ubuntu 12.04 (installed tomcat7 from repo) in /etc/default/tomcat7. just to note. –  icedwater Nov 14 '13 at 3:10
If you are running as a Windows service, CATALINA_OPTS is going to be ignored. You will have to switch to command-line usage or continue to use the configuration window's Java tab. –  Peg Leg 3941 Mar 5 at 5:11

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Place the following in catalina.sh (below the documentation)

export CATALINA_OPTS="-Dfoo=foo -Dbar=bar"
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is it okay to put it at the bottom of catalina.sh? –  Caterpillar Feb 13 at 15:42
He uses windows so he needs to change it in catalina.bat –  borjab Mar 13 at 10:52

Unfortunatly if you run it a as a service it won't use the parameters. Use this doc to update the --JvmOptions parameter or edit it directly executing the following command from CATALINA_HOME/bin/

tomcat7w //ES/myServiceName

If you use tomcat .bat scripts I would create the enviroment variable CATALINA_OPTS with all thouse options as a value. The initial script startup.bat will call catalina.bat which will execute something like this depending on the Tomcat version:


This way you do not need to modify the tomcat Script and new versions of Tomcat will read this enviroment variable if you make an update, lets say, to Tomcat 8.

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See here: http://www.springwebdevelopment.com/tomcat-more-memory-catalina_opts

Just in case the link won't work anymore:

On Windows Edit the file $TOMCAT_HOME\bin\startup.bat and insert or alter the following line, substituting for the desired values: set CATALINA_OPTS=...

On Linux Edit the file $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/startup.sh and insert the following line, substituting for the desired value, eg. Bash Shell: export CATALINA_OPTS=... The line you add should go just before the line starting exec “$PRGDIR…


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I read somewhere when i set more parameters must use CATALINA_OPTS = $CATALINA_OPTS + NewOne and is'n better put it into catalina.bat?? –  Perlos Jun 22 '12 at 10:36
startup.bat executes catalina.bat so I would rather put CATALINA_OPTS in there. –  mihaisimi Jun 22 '12 at 11:30
Modded-down because Tomcat's startup scripts are not used when launching Tomcat as a Windows Service: editing these scripts is a waste of time. Additionally, customization of catalina.bat and startup.bat (as the OP is obviously on Windows) is discouraged. Instead, use setenv.bat in the bin/ directory (you may have to create the file because Tomcat does not ship with one) to customize your environment... but only if you are launching using scripts: Windows Services, again, completely ignore these files. –  Christopher Schultz Jun 22 '12 at 20:05

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