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I have a StatusBar below the screen in SL4 (using PRISM), just a very simple Telerik RadDockPanel.

I also have a menu (Telerik RibbonView with RadRibbonGroup and RadRibbonToggleButton). When the toggle button is pressed, I want to set the text to 'ON' and 'OFF', and I want to hide the status bar, but... only in XAML (not using code behind).

I believe this is a common SL/WPF coding practice... but how ?

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You can specify a DataTrigger in your window like this -

                Binding="{Binding ElementName=MyRadRibbonToggleButton, Path=IsChecked}"
                <Setter Property="Grid.Visibility" Value="Collapsed" />

In case you can't use ElementName binding then you can use a property in your ViewModel(corresponding to RadRibbonToggleButton state). Similar Trigger can be created for a TextBlock/Label to show On/Off text.

This is how I implement this kind of functionality in WPF/MVVM applications;

You may have to apply some hack to make this work with telerik controls.

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Have to use EventTrigger (check example bellow on page by link that I provided) and ObjectAnimationUsingKeyFrames to change properties that aren't animated (Text, Visibility so on).

Check good example in other answer on so.

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