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Having a few issues with my post-commit hook script and track - hoping someone can help.

The scripts all work fine - no errors - but for some reason trac doesn't update. I turned on logging and found this:

Trac[svn_fs] DEBUG: Subversion bindings imported
Trac[cache] INFO: repos rev [363] != cached rev [362]
2 Trac[cache] INFO: Trying to sync revision [363]
Trac[cache] DEBUG: Caching node change in [363]: (u'Max/test2.txt.txt', 'file', 'edit', u'Max/test2.txt.txt', 362)
Trac[main] DEBUG: Dispatching <Request "GET u'/report'">
Trac[report] DEBUG: Executing report with SQL "SELECT id AS report, title, 'report' as _realm FROM report ORDER BY report"
Trac[report] DEBUG: Request args: {}
Trac[chrome] DEBUG: Prepare chrome data for request
Trac[session] DEBUG: Retrieving session for ID u'max'
Trac[main] DEBUG: 173 unreachable objects found.

But then nothing updates in the tickets ? Using the standard scripts etc from Trac itself for post commit hook per this http://svn.edgewall.com/repos/trac/branches/0.11-stable/contrib/?

Any ideas?

Edit: I have 3 users who are TRAC_ADMIN - not sure if there is a permissions issue? i.e. no anonymous users etc

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Check the execute bit on the post commit hook. Verify that the hook is named as specified by svn. (Read the section on hooks in the svn book.)

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