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In javascript I want to achieve the following:

Class A (Array) -> Class B (EntityContainer) -> Class C (EntityList)

In Code:

function EntityContainer() {

EntityContainer.prototype = new Array;
EntityContainer.prototype.constructor = EntityContainer;
EntityContainer.prototype.parent = Array.prototype

function EntityList() {

EntityList.prototype = new EntityContainer;
EntityList.prototype.constructor = EntityList;
EntityList.prototype.parent = EntityContainer.prototype

Of course, the inheritance stuff could be encapsulated in a "inheritsFrom" function.

Is this the right way to achieve that I could call "this[i]" within EntityList when iterating over all elements (using this.length)?

Is there anything you can do better here?

Thanks guys!

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The only reason you would want to do what you describe, is type checking using instanceof operator. If you don't need that, you'd be better of with composition, and an array object as instance variable. The [] accessor is negligible and can be replaced with get().

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Yes, but basically I did not want to extend the javascript standard array object with my own methods (like contains() etc.). This is why I chose inheritance... –  Sebastian B. Jun 22 '12 at 11:07
That depends what platforms do you target, JS 1.6 (ECMA 5th) is already very common, and for instance a.contains is easily done with… . If you target platforms that don't have these methods, I suggest using shims/polyfills meanwhile. –  skrat Jun 22 '12 at 11:38

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