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I need to use an UNC-Path within MATLAB. As the login credentials are further needed and storing on the machine is not wanted, I'm looking for a nice way to change into the path.
At the moment I think of this solution

    system('net use \\\shr pwd /USER:netusr')

but I'm looking for better ideas: Maybe there is an integrated function in matlab like cd_to_unc(path,usr,pwd) or other integrated solutions? I think, the system-call is a kind of ineffective, isn't it?
Just to make clear - this is not a security related question. I'm only looking for a (maybe) more efficient way to do this mount.

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You don't like it because your password is stored in a file in clear text? Any other reasons? State your desired improvement. Also, I added the Windows tag since this is asked as an OS specific question. –  Chris A. Jun 22 '12 at 12:13

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MATLAB is a general-purpose mathematical prototyping IDE (atleast). I do not believe it is meant to have the capabilities you are looking for. The implementation of network access with credentials on LANs is in most cases highly platform-specific and I would assume outside the "scope" of MATLAB.

MATLAB has the standard utilities for creating path-strings that are mostly platform-independent. See fullfile, pathsep, filesep, fileparts, etc. But one thing is to create strings with pathnames - another one is to access these path. I believe this is always dependent on the underlying OS. Using cd and system is likely your only options.

I assume that you could solve this on driver-level and use special URIs with credentials built in (an anology would be FTP credentials in URIs as described in RFC1738). Security would likely be less optimal. I would be surprised if something like this does not exist already - atleast on linux.

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Indeed, you are right, but I think, you miss one detail: UNC-Paths are mapped in windows and in linux to SMB/CIFS-mounts, which are not platform-specific, as far as I know. I was jsut looking for a more integrated way doing that above. Thanks anyway. –  Bastian Ebeling Jun 25 '12 at 5:33
@BastianEbeling Your welcome. I am not a guru on network access :) By more integrated you mean that you should be able send credentials from MATLAB? Perhaps you can do some interesting things with Samba. On another note entirely: You have 0% accept rate and 5 open questions. I am not sure it is a problem, but perhaps you should recheck and see if some of them can be accepted. –  Ole Thomsen Buus Jun 25 '12 at 11:38
Thanks Ole - I marked some answer as accepted. I have other accounts on the stackexchange-network, where I have 100% accept-rate. But here, most answer have been not good enough for me to get marked. But for lets say cosmetic reasons I selected them. Back to the question: You are right with your proposition (+1). –  Bastian Ebeling Jun 26 '12 at 11:01

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