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Is it possible to remove a single (SE_NO_SERIALVERSIONID) pattern from the SerializableIdiom detector in findbugs in Eclipse Indigo?

The pattern annoys me with messages about serialVersionUID on all serializable classes. I don't want to litter my code just because of some corner cases of serialization. However, I can only remove the whole SerializableIdiom and I want to get a warning if I i.e. try to use an int for serialVersionUID.


On the side. This wasn't what I was after even though it was what I asked for ;-). What I was after was getting rid of the serialVersionID warnings. These are possibly set on many levels. The warnings automatically set is produced by the Eclipse compiler. To remove them: Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler -> Errors/Warnings and set "Serializable class without serialVersionUID to Ignore.

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You have been looking at the wrong place in the Eclipse preferences, the Findbugs "configuration" tab where you enable/disable the detectors. Instead please use the tab "filter files", add an exclude file filter and put this into the file:

    <Bug pattern="SE_NO_SERIALVERSIONID" />

There is more that you can filter.

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