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I have written a multi threaded java code, which when runs creates 8 threads and the computation continues on these threads. I would like to submit this job to a SGE cluster but I am not sure which parallel environment (pe) should I choose? or should I create one? I am new to SGE. The simple way would be to run it in serial mode, but that's inefficient.

Regarding creating a pe, where does it need to be created? Should the SGE deamon also need to have this pe ? When I submitted a job with some random name as pe, I got

 job rejected: the requested parallel environment "openmpi" does not exist
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The parallel environments that a Grid Engine installation offers are (very) installation specific. You should ask your sys-admins this question. – High Performance Mark Jun 22 '12 at 11:15
@HighPerformanceMark I'll ask the admin, but still what kind of pe, would suit best to a multi-threaded java code? Though I might not be able to get it as its installation specific. – damned Jun 22 '12 at 11:29
You need a PE with an allocation_rule of $pe_slots and job_is_first_task of TRUE. This is not a programming question though. – Hristo Iliev Jun 22 '12 at 11:29
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Threaded applications must get all their slots on a single node. That's why you need a Parallel Environment with allocation_rule set to $pe_slots. Parallel environments are configured by the SGE administrator using the qconf -ap PE_name. As a user you can only get the list of the available PEs using qconf -spl and can query the configuration of a particular PE using qconf -sp PE_name. You can walk all PEs and see their allocation rules with the following (ba)sh script:

for pe_name in `qconf -spl`; do
  echo $pe_name
  qconf -sp $pe_name | grep allocation_rule

But you should already be talking to your SGE admin instead of trying to justify your off-topic question here.

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