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I'm using ProGuard to obfuscate my code. My project is comprised of a few modules, each obfuscated independently.

One library includes an interface;

public interface IFace {
    public int methodA(boolean b) throws CustomException;

Another library provides an implmentation

public class IFaceImpl implements IFace {
    public int methodA(boolean b) throws CustomException {
        return 0;

The library with the interface is built first, and the second is built against the obfuscated version. Unfortunately the compile fails on the @Override as the interface does not have the throws clause.

I have proguard keeping the interface and all its members, but I can't figure out how to keep the throws clause.

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I figured it out.

-keepattributes Exceptions

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Thank You! This was a life-waster without your answer. – Mobistry Mar 12 '13 at 9:35

Example with Maven:

            <option>-keepattributes Exceptions</option>
            <option>-keep public class some.package.SomeClass{*;}</option>
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