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I am using PHP (version 5.3.13) with sqlite3 (version 0.7-dev) enabled. I want to be able to use the SQLITE3 ability to ATTACH DATABASE so that I can perform JOINed queries, but every time I do ATTACH DATABASE it fails.

$dbmain = new SQLite3('main.s3db');
$results = $dbmain->exec("ATTACH DATABASE support.s3db AS ckj");

The var_dump always shows false, and I'm never able to query on ckj.

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Don't you get some sort of error, say Error: no such column: support.s3db? Try single-quoting filename. And this is still just a guess. – dezso Jun 22 '12 at 12:12
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You need to provide the full path quoted.

$myroot = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"];
$dbmain = new SQLite3('main.s3db');
$cmd = "ATTACH DATABASE '".$myroot."/support.s3db' AS ckj";
$results = $dbmain->exec($cmd);

will work correctly.

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