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I'm using cmdlet Get-QADUser (by Quest software) to list domain users from Active Directory. The output is several hundreds of rows with domain names and email addresses. I need to select only those rows, where is email address and assign them to a separate variable.

This is part of $domain_names variable:

turbekova                                                   turbek@dock.com                                                       
senajova                                                    senaj@dock.com                                                       
pukansky                                                    pukansky@dock.com                                                       
tiko                                                        tiko@dock.com                                                       
trescanska                                                  tresc@dock.com          

Thank you

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This show users with email using parameter of property you choose and wildcard:

 Get-QADUser -Email * | select samaccountname, email
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Thank you, Christian, this works excellently. But I have last question: Is it possible to check if the email addresses have e.g. 20 characters? I've tried it with Where-Object {$_.email.Count -eq 20}, but this isn't working.. –  culter Jun 22 '12 at 14:51
Change count with length! –  CB. Jun 22 '12 at 15:11

You can filter with Where-Object:

$hasEmail = Get-QADUser | Where-Object { $_.Email }

Or whatever the column is named. You chose to not include the property names in your copied output.

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