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i have this array:

const char array[3] = {173,67,0};

and i would like to get an NSString which looks like " °C " (ISO Latin1). I've tried some encodings, but don't get it...

Thanks. I tried your code:

const char array[3] = {176, 67, 0};
NSString *degreeC = [NSString stringWithCString: array encoding:NSISOLatin1StringEncoding];


Unfortunately, this results in an output of


And the same, if i use

NSString *degree2 = @"°C"; 

Have i to make any settings in xcode?

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You said you wanted an umlaut but in your example you drew a degree sign. In ISO Latin-1 an umlaut is 0xa8 (decimal 168) and a degree sign is 0xb0 (decimal 176). If really are starting from a C string and you need an NSString from it:

const char array[3] = { 176, 67, 0 };
NSString *degreeC = [NSString stringWithCString:array encoding:NSISOLatin1StringEncoding];

alternately, since you can directly use non-ASCII characters in your source code in Xcode (default encoding is UTF-8) you could just make an NSString literal:

NSString *degreeC = @"°C";
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