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I am trying to use JavaScript for splash screen. I am stuck with any class in Java that can be extended to support it. Is it possible ?

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Why would you want to do that?What do you want to accomplish by using JavaScript that cannot be done by native Android classes? –  Mukund Samant Jun 22 '12 at 11:56
Progress bar is common nowadayz for splash screen. Can i change progress bar colour. I want to include any color with stripes.. –  Android F0X Jun 22 '12 at 12:00
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I have 2 solutions for you;

1) Use JavaScript: Create a layout with WebView. Run your JavaScript code and display it to user. Remember, while you are doing this stuff you have to start an Asynchronious task or similar concurrent threading solution in order to perform your heavy work at background. Whenever the heavy work completes its job, replace simple webview with your ultra complex GUI.

2) (!Suggested!) Use ProgressBar: As progressbar itself provides you customizing methods for it's bar, background, etc... .

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