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I've got a couple apps that display tabular data in iOS. The easiest way to explain is probably with screenshots:

MySQL Database ClientMTG Card Database

As you can see, I'm just using HTML forums for displaying this data at the moment. What I'm looking for in a grid is the following:

  • Dynamic Columns (add/remove columns on the fly)
  • Static Header (column names are always visible at the top of the table even as you scroll down)
  • Image support

Things that would be nice: + Column sorting

I've been looking for a library that would help me with this, but I cannot find anything around. I'm even willing to purchase a commercial library but I need to find one.

Does anyone know of any libraries that may support what I am looking for? Please note, this is for iOS and NOT for the Mac (otherwise I would just use NSTable).

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Have you tried the Grid component from ShinobiControls? Looks quite good.

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