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What does the smode of scipy.optimize 'Positive directional derivative for linesearch' mean?

for example in fmin_slsqp

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Please give a link to the documentation page. – Sven Marnach Jun 22 '12 at 11:59
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These optimization algorithms typically work by choosing a descent direction, and then performing a line search to that direction. I think this message means that the optimizer got into a position where it did not manage to find a direction where the value of the objective function decreases (fast enough), but could also not verify that the current position is a minimum.

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It's not a complete answer, but you can see the source code that generates the smode here:

Assignments of mode = 8 (the "Positive directional derivative for linesearch" you are asking about) can be found in lines 412 and 486. If can figure out why they are assigned in the code, you've got your answer.

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I still don't know what it means but how to solve it. Basically, the function that is optimized needs to return a smaller value.

    return value / 10000000
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