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I've switched to opa 1.0.1, and it seems that now opa install it's own mongodb in ~/.opa/mongo. Apaprently, this mongo instance is runned on the default 27017 port.

How can I prevent opa from running this new mongodb, and instead use the one already running on the default port on my server ?

Or at least, can I change the default port used by the new mondodb ? I've tried the option

--db-remote:mydb localhost:4242

But it doas not seems to work.


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Indeed, use the --db-remote host:port startup option to prevent Opa using the ~/.opa/mongo db.

If you have only one db declared in your app, don't add the ":mydb" suffix.

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Thanks. It's working ;) Is it possible to use the opa integrated database (~/.opa/mongo) with different opa applications ? Won't there be also conflict on the database port ? Or does opa launch the database for the first application and automatically re used it for the second application ? – user1350072 Jun 22 '12 at 13:08
Yes several applications can you use the ~/.opa/mongo database. The database will be started only the first time. – Cédrics Jun 22 '12 at 16:23

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