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I want write a simple query which will fetch data from a table (which may contain quotes and double quotes) but it should remove all the quotes in it.

e.g. for the following data:

EmpID  EmpName  CompName
-----  -------  -----------
1234   "xyz"    A's Company

Output Should Be:

EmpID  EmpName  CompName
-----  -------  -----------
1234   xyz      As Company
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Make use of replace function of sql server resolve the issue for you

REPLACE ( string_expression , string_pattern , string_replacement )

select EmpID,
         replace(replace(EmpName,'"', ''),'''','') Empname, 
          replace(replace(CompName,'"', ''),'''','') CompName 
from table 


ordinarily you'd replace ' with '' and this will make SQL happy when querying the database. The trick with any of the built-in SQL functions (like replace) is that they too require you to double up your single quotes.

So to replace ' with '' in code you'd do this

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      REPLACE(REPLACE(CompName, '"', ''), '''','') 
  FROM dbo.table;
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    replace(EmpName, '"', '') as EmpName,
from yourTable
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I'm assuming you want to replace single/double quotes in both the EmpName and CompName columns. A simple replace will do this, but you want to replace 2 sets, so I'll nest the replace command.

You probably already know this, but the single quote will need doubled in your query so that sql doesn't think your starting a string.


Replace(Replace([Column], '"', ''), '''', '')
-- here are the targets    ^         ^^
-- replaced with nothing       ^^         ^^

So, your final code may be:

  REPLACE(REPLACE(EmpName, '"', ''), '''',''),
  REPLACE(REPLACE(CompName, '"', ''), '''','')

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