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I'm currently working with jQuery-Tabs to simulate a multi-window inputmask. Thus the tabs are variable and users are allowed to add and remove them and the content in those tabs is always the same input-form.

Now I need to select via jQuery some of those fields. The problem is, that I would need to find out which tab is currently selected and use this info in the selector.

Is there a way to identify the currently selected Tab and use this info in a jQuery selector so I can manipulate the right fields?

Iterating through the tabs and checking properties like 'hidden' is not really an option, because it slows down the application significantly.

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Checkout this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/300078/… –  Stelian Matei Jun 22 '12 at 12:35

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Write something like this:

var activeTab=0;

    $( ".selector" ).tabs({
       select: function(event, ui) { activeTab=ui.index; }

and use activeTab variable wherever you want

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Look for the class called "ui-state-active" this will help you to find the active tab

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Let us say you have the tab container as #myTabs

you can get the id of the selected div using

var id = $("li.ui-tabs-selected a", "#myTabs").attr("href"); // has # as part of the href
$(".myformelement", id).val();
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