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Hello I am creating an extension for chrome. I want to show an alert() with page url when ever user moves from one tab to an other. And also when user enters new url in a tab.

I am using the following code which is not working:

chrome.tabs.onUpdated.addListener(function(integer tabId, object changeInfo, Tab tab) {

 chrome.tabs.onActivated.addListener(function(object activeInfo) {
 // also please post how to fetch tab url using activeInfo.tabid


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Remove integer, object and Tab in the functions signature.

chrome.tabs.onUpdated.addListener(function(tabId, changeInfo, tab) {

chrome.tabs.onActivated.addListener(function(activeInfo) {
  // how to fetch tab url using activeInfo.tabid
  chrome.tabs.get(activeInfo.tabId, function(tab){
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Thanks bro.! it worked... – Haider Jun 22 '12 at 13:36

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