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I have an object OBJECT1 of the type (id, ob1 REF object2, ob2 REF object2). The type OBJECT2 already exists, and I have to create a new OBJECT1 with references to the two different object2 things.

What I am trying right now:

  t_ref REF object2;
  t_ref2 REF object2;

  SELECT REF(*) INTO t_ref FROM tab tt WHERE (tt.id = 1);
  INSERT INTO tab VALUES (object1(5,t_ref, t_ref));

But it won't work, because I don't have a reference to the OBJECT2s but a number. How can I solve this?

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Is my question too stupid? Too complex? Too hard to understand? –  powerbar Jul 12 '09 at 14:46
what type is object2? is it a field type in your table 'tab'? it might be helpful to show the definition of the two object types and the definition of the tab table. –  akf Jul 12 '09 at 21:10

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