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In the Redis documentation when you call the Get operation and key doesn't exist, it is supposed to return Nil. (Source: http://redis.io/commands/get)

How does the ServiceStack client handle this? Does it reutn null, or do I need to use Exists, ContainsKey?

Is there another approach to check if key exists and return value using one request?

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You'll get null back if you try to get a key that does not exist.

There are lots of different ways to get keys using IRedisClient, but here's an example:


If you're interested IRedisNativeClient goes directly against the metal in a 1-1 command fashion.

You can do multiple things in one request by using a pineline or transaction. For example:

using(var pipeline = client.CreatePipeline())
    pipeline.QueueCommand(r => r.GetSetCount("key1"), count => count1 = count);                
    pipeline.QueueCommand(r => r.GetSetCount("key2"), count => count2 = count);
    pipeline.QueueCommand(r => r.GetSetCount("key3"), count => count3 = count);
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