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I need to create a GUI in MATLAB for my project. I looked everywhere for examples of how to program a GUI but I couldn't find a lot. What are some good sites or techniques for GUI programming in MATLAB?

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The first place you need to go is Matlab Help on Creating Graphical User Interfaces .

Then, you can watch this tutorial video or this one

This tutorial is also good.

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Here are all the videos that I have made about making MATLAB GUIs


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I recently had to program a simple GUI that controls some plots. I don't know exactly what your task is, but here's some basic code to get you started. This creates two figures; Figure 1 has controls, Figure 2 has a plot of y=x^p. You enter the value of p into the box and press enter to register it and replot; then press the button to reset to default p=1.

    function SampleGUI()
    ctrl_fh = figure; % controls figure handle
    plot_fh = figure; % plot figure handle
    % uicontrol handles:
    hPwr = uicontrol('Style','edit','Parent',... 
                         'Position',[45 100 100 20],...

    hButton = uicontrol('Style','pushbutton','Parent',ctrl_fh,...  
                        'Position',[45 150 100 20],...

    function reset(source,event,handles,varargin) % boilerplate argument string

    function pwrHandler(source,event,handles,varargin) 
        fprintf('Setting power to %s\n',get(hPwr,'string'));

    function compute_and_draw_plot()
        figure(plot_fh); plot(x,y);

The basic idea behind GUIs is that when you manipulate controls they call "Callback" functions, i.e. event handlers; these functions are able to interact through controls using the control handles and set/get methods to obtain or change their properties.

To get to the list of available properties, peruse the very informative Handle Graphics Property Browser on Matlab's documentation website (http://www.mathworks.com/access/helpdesk/help/techdoc/infotool/hgprop/doc_frame.html); click on UI Objects (or whatever else that you need).

Hope this helps!

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These 41 complete GUI examples posted to the MathWorks File Exchange by Matt Fig are a great place to start. The submission was even a Pick of the Week.

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