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I'm working on GWT. In my application I want to add a session time out after 2 minutes when no action is performed (including mouse events).

I wrote a class in which I used a GWT session object.

public static boolean ValidSession(HttpSession session) {

        boolean aResult = true;

        logger.debug("Start of ValidSession");
            if(session!=null )
                String strUserInf="";
                logger.debug("User Inf in session is: " + strUserInf);
                if(strUserInf==null || strUserInf.trim().equals(""))
                    logger.debug("User Info blank");
                    aResult =false;

        catch (Exception e) 
            logger.error("Exception in ValidSession: ", e);
            aResult = false;                        
        logger.debug("End of isSessionValid");
        return aResult;

    public static void TimeUpdate(HttpSession session){
        session.setAttribute("lastAccessed", String.valueOf(session.getLastAccessed()));
        System.out.println("lastAccessed "+ session.getAttribute("lastAccessed"));

But it resets the timer only on RPC call. I want to detect mouse movements as well.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks in advance.

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Better to use NativePreviewHandler for to implement this feature. Refer… – bmthaker Jun 22 '12 at 14:00
What did you try to achieve this? – Ganesh Kumar Jun 22 '12 at 14:05

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You can do code something like this on on module load.

Create one timer which is running every 2 minute and set session expire flage:

    private static Timer SESSION_TIMER = new Timer() {
            public void run() {

call this method for Renew the timer session as below in on module load using this method:

    public static void renewTimer() {
            if (CLIENT_SIDE_TIMER != null) {
                        SesisonKey.SESSION_EXPIRED, false);
                //CLIENT_SIDE_TIMER.schedule(250 * 60 * 20);
                //1 Minute = 60000 Milliseconds
                CLIENT_SIDE_TIMER.schedule(60000 * 2);

NativePreviewHandler handler catch on mouse event and check that session is expired or not flag.

 final NativePreviewHandler nativeHandler = new NativePreviewHandler() {
                    public void onPreviewNativeEvent(NativePreviewEvent event) {


                        if (SessionFactory
                                .getValue(SesisonKey.CLIENT_SESSION_EXPIRED) != null) {
                            boolean expire = (Boolean) SessionFactory
                            if (expire) {
                                boolean show= false;
                                //logout session code

if your screen stable for 2 minute than it will set expire session variable value false through timer and if value is false then do logout.

SESSION_EXPIRED is a constant variable for session expired check not more that that SessionFactory is my custom factory code. U just ignore that used varibles which my project pattern. u have to just set one constant only not more than that. Let me know if still any query.

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