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I am using imagemagick to resize images... however I want to resize the images so that it uses both jpeg:extent and quality...

i.e. if I have a large image that i want to resize, and I use the following: -resize 720 -quality 80 if the resulting image is larger than 250kb then I want the command to use jpeg:extent=250kB instead of -quality 80

Is this possible to do in one command?.. or do I have to do multiple proceedures to achieve this?... regards J

By the by, I dont want to just use jpeg:extent=250kB as if the image saved at 80% quality is alot smaller than 250kb i am creating images larger than they need be... cheers J

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You can use both options at the same time. According to documentation:

Restrict the maximum JPEG file size, for example -define jpeg:extent=400kb.

This command doesn't define the actual size, it only defines a size limit. This means that quality will be 80 if the size limit is not reached

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Thats incorrect. According to the documentation here - The -quality option is ignored if it is also present. – manish_s Nov 10 '14 at 14:06
That wasn't stated back there two years ago when I answered this question… – JSantos Nov 10 '14 at 14:59

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