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I'm trying to get my web server to pass changing values at 1 second intervals to the client.

The way I have it setup is the client inspects a variable which the server stores the values in. So far it's not working.

Are partials the way to go? If I use them then do I have to create a separate file?

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Can you post code that is not working? I mean, you want to push values to the client, but you instead pull it. What's the partial matter in here? –  Dominic Goulet Jun 22 '12 at 13:55

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For partials you have to use separate files, correct.

But in your case I would consider using pre-compiled Handlebars (or similar view engine) templates and load them only once for the entire app or for a specific route. This way you minimize IO and if they're pre-compiled, you get to render and serve them faster.

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