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I want the below C structure to be implemented in python and want to have access to members as mentioned below. Any help is appreciated

typedef struct{
    unsigned int ch_state;
    unsigned int polling;
    unsigned int timeout;
    unsigned int count;

typedef struct{
 channel_Status_t  ch_status;

typedef struct{   
    channel_num_t SR1;
    channel_num_t SR2;
    channel_num_t LR1;
    channel_num_t LR2;
} channel_type_t;

channel_type_t Rx;
channel_type_t Tx;


// Should be able to access data as below... 
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You most likely want to make a class out of each of those structs.

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Hardly any more to say. – Apalala Jun 23 '12 at 5:23

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