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I'm facing such problem. I have a object from an library that generally says:

   aProperty: function(params....){
      var xxx = this.someObj,
      e = this.someOtherObj;


I would like to override the aProperty(); and then the global obj to make a call on my version, is that possibe in that config, and also it would be nice doing it without modifying the definition of the original obj? However I'm open to any suggestions. I was able to make aProperty.prototype = function(p1,p2,...){.....}; but there was no effect, although it was saved in proto property?

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aProperty is a function property of an anonymous object supplied as an argument to the doStuff function. Without more information, no one can tell you what doStuff does with the aProperty function: it may store it, it may call it immediately and discard it, or it may even ignore it. If you explain what library you're using (or at least how/if aProperty is available after the call to doStuff), that may be more helpful. –  apsillers Jun 22 '12 at 14:07
I'm using Smart Client: Calendar.js and I'm trying to override the isc.EventWindow.addProperties({renderEvent:function()}); –  kidwon Jun 22 '12 at 14:13

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