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How can I start with C#

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First, get a copy of Visual C# Express, it's free.

Then, you could follow an online tutorial (use google), it could for instance be the one found here. I would also recommend you get a good book.

If you are a total novice at programming, I would go for a book that teaches programming rather than C# specifically. Many C# books will assume you have at least some experience with programming.

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Microsoft has an excellent guide to Getting Started With C# on their web site. Download Visual C# 2008 Express and follow their instructions to create your first application.

If you're already comfortable with another object-oriented programming language, you might prefer to buy a decent book that takes you through the language from the perspective of an already experienced programmer.

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Borland (developers probably most famous for Delphi) have a free IDE to get started with building your c# applications. To learn more about c# builder please visit there website at http://www.borland.com/csharpbuilder/

SharpDevelop has a very intriguing Visual Studio look a like, developed in c# and offering it's source for both review and modification. Released under the GPL it is without a doubt a powerful c# IDE. To learn more about this IDE, please visit http://sharpdevelop.com/OpenSource/SD/Default.aspx

If you need a good book, I would recommend Visual c# .NET 2003 in 24 Hours by Sams Publishing. I don't personally know the author but he is very helpful and his book is very insightful and aimed towards those who never programmed before.

Also Sitepoint.com has a nice set of articles and a book out about using C# .NET and ASP to make a website. That would be a fun way to start.

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Start by downloading the IDE for C#... Visual Studio Express Edition. Free and no strings attached.

On that page, you can find learning resources as well. MSDN Express provide a good reference.

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I recommend a copy of Juval Lowy's Programming .NET Components. I'm still picking stuff from that one.

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Sometimes I feel as if I was new myself. There are always things to learn and discover.

Get a book, read first 2-3 chapters, then start to code reading in parallel the rest of the book. Think of a little project or a toy to program - and go for it!

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Here you have the trick explained.


As with any other programming language, its not about how to start coding, its about what to code, how to study it, and to code! Being involved in a OS project always helps, so you can learn from the success or mistakes others developers make.

Hope it serves, Happy Coding!

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Simply: don't start programming C#. Try a real language like Java, C++ or Lisp.

Java is a classic beginner language. And if you already knew it, you would not be asking that one-liner questions on stackoverflow.

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