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In my struts2 action that prepares the ftl page i have

private static List<Product> listOfProducts;

with getter and setters. This list is filled with products. First product in the list has type B.

In ftl page I am iterating over the list of products

<#list listOfProducts as product>
<select name = product[0].type>
  <option value="A">fistType</option>
  <option value="B">secondType</option>
  <option value="C">thirdType</option>

Problem is that firstType is preselected each time even if in the list i have a product with type B.

Can you tell me what am i missing here? Why option B was not selected when the ftl is loaded?


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See http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_select.asp on the correct syntax for a select

The attribute "name" sets the name of the control - it does not influence the selection

See How to set default value for HTML select element? on how to do that

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Use Struts select tag.

<@s.select theme="simple" name="selectedProduct" list="listOfProducts" listKey="productId" listValue="productName" value="defaultProduct"/>

Please go through the example in below link for more understanding.


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