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Jquery Each Json Values Issue

This question is similar to above, but not the same before it gets marked duplicated.

After realasing how to use computed values i came across another issue.

In my javascript i have the following code:

var incidentWizard = ['page1.html','page2.html','page3.html'];
var magicWizard = ['page1.html','page2.html','page3.html'];
var loadedURL = 'page1.html';

The input to this function would be (true,'incident')


   var WizSize = incidentWizard.length; 
    wizardName = [wizardName] + 'Wizard';

   var wizardPOS = jQuery.inArray(loadedURL,incidentWizard);

And now i want to use the wizardname parameter to decide what array i am going to use...


Ive also tried




Also the loader function just required the string value in the array at wizardPOS sorry for confusion

But when trying this i always end up with the outcome...


I know this is something to do with using computed values but i've tried reading about them and cant seem to solve this issue.

Basicly i want to use the computed value of wizardName to access an an array of that name.

Please help supports, looking forward to seeing many ways to do this!

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On this line:

wizardName = [wizardName] + 'Wizard';

You are attempting to concatenate the string 'Wizard' to an Array with one string element "incident". I'm assuming you just want regular string concatenation:

wizardName = wizardName + 'Wizard';

However, now you only have a string, not an array instance. To fix that, change the way you define your *Wizard arrays to something like:

var wizardyThings = {
    incidentWizard : ['page1.html','page2.html','page3.html'],
    magicWizard: ['page1.html','page2.html','page3.html']

Then your function (which is missing a name as it stands), becomes:

function someMethod(next, wizardname) {

    wizardName = wizardName + 'Wizard';
    var wizSize = wizardyThings[wizardName].length;

    var wizardPOS = jQuery.inArray(loadedURL, wizardyThings[wizardName]);
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Great answer and step by step ! – LmC Jun 22 '12 at 15:23

You can only access properties of objects that way. For global values, window[ name ] will work. For simple local variables it's just not possible at all. That is, if inside a function you've got

var something;

then there's no way to get at that variable if all you have is the string "something".

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What if i took the parameter in and assigned it to a global then used it would this work – LmC Jun 22 '12 at 15:09

I would just put each array as a prop on an object:

var obj {
    incidentWizard: ['page1.html','page2.html','page3.html'],
    magicWizard: ['page1.html','page2.html','page3.html']

Then you can just do obj['incidentWizard'] or obj.incidentWizard this will return:

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Ahaaa ! Very good thinking will try this just now thanks:) – LmC Jun 22 '12 at 15:09

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