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I am automating a website using Perl WWW::Selenium. I want to know how can I handle the pop-up window which comes after clicking an upload or download button.

When an upload button is clicked, a dialog window opens to select the files. When a download button is clicked, a dialog window opens to select the place where file is to be saved.

How the above scenarios can be automated in WWW::Selenium?


sub import_files()
   # http://mygengo.com/string/p/<proj_name>-1/admin/languages/import/en
   $url = $MYGENGO_STRING_PROJECT_URL . $_[0] . "-1" . $IMPORT_FILES;

   $sel->attach_file("class=qq-upload-button string-file-import", 
    "http://localhost/1.php"); # But this does not open the file browse window

   $sel->click("class=qq-upload-button string-file-import");
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can you share your attempt? –  Amey Jun 22 '12 at 19:19
in general it's quite hard to deal with them because that's no browser but os business... –  Franz Ebner Jun 25 '12 at 21:00

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The upload scenario can be easily solved by using send_keys command

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