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jRecorder is a jQuery plugin for audio recording (documentation). The plugin records an audio file using the browser's flash player and saves the file in a browser temporary file and when the user finishes recording, it sends the file as POST to a PHP server (a php file). However, I would like to modify the plugin to send the file to an Amazon S3 bucket using Ruby on Rails.

How would I go about sending the recorded file to [my-amazons3-bucket] in RoR?

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Just change the host param in the plugin to point to a rails route that will accept the post. Here is AWS Ruby Gem http://amazon.rubyforge.org/

So, you would have a controller that would accept the post and then you would simply upload the posted file to your S3 bucket

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Hi, thank you for your answer. I'm still not entirely clear what I would need to have in the controller? Would you be able to show a simple example? –  diasks2 Jun 22 '12 at 23:33

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