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I have a simple JavaScript module as follow:

var QCH = (function($jquery, undefined) {

      var QCH = { };
      var someDivId;

      QCH.Init = function(someDivId) {
      return QCH;

The above code doesn’t work. someDivId has the same name as module variable and local init variable. In C#, we can use this.someDivId to point to the module(class) variable. Is there any way to point to module variable in JS?

I know that I can change the name module variable and use for example capital case for it to be distinguish from local one, but I am wondering if there is any better way?

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You can't. You will have to rename one of them. You have shadowed the someDivId in the outer scope with one in the inner scope, and JavaScript provides no way (that I know of) to ignore one element of the scope chain when resolving identifiers.

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