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In the end I would like a text field that passes a client_id to the partial. I would like to do this asynchronously so the shipment_products partial would dynamically change when the textfield value was updated. What is the best way to do this?

In index.html.erb

<!-- Text Field Here-->
<div id="available_products">
  <%= render "shipment_products" %>

In _shipment_products.html.erb

<div id="shipment_products_container">
  <h3>Assign Products to Ship<\h3>
  <ul class="shipment_products" id="shipment_products">
    <% Product.by_client(client_id).each do |product|%>  <!-- TextField value passed here -->
      <%= content_tag_for :li, product, :value => do %>
        <%= hidden_field_tag("shipment[product_ids][]", %>
        <%= product.product_name %>
      <% end %>
    <% end %>

Model relationships:

Models and Relationships
  Shipment  has_many :products :through => :shipment_products
  Product   has_many :shipments :through => :shipment_products
  ShipmentProducts belongs_to :shipment,  belongs_to :product
  Product belongs_to :client
  Client has_many :products

This is similar to what I want in the end. enter image description here

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Since I do not know what's in your controller and how you make routes, I made some suggestions. Change a few things to the actual. I assume that you do not need to change index action (if only to add respond_to js)


<%= form_tag shipment_path, remote: true do %> - points to index action
  <%= text_field_tag :client_id %>
  <%= submit_tag :load %>
<% end %>
<div id="available_products">
  <%= render "shipment_products" %>


$('#available_products').html("<%= j render "shipment_products" %>");
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How do I pass the value of the client id text_field to the by_clients method in the partial? And how would I do that on say a jQuery blur event? – ctilley79 Jun 25 '12 at 12:17
1. In your controller index action: @client = Client.find(params[:client_id]). Now, you can use in your partials @client E.g. Product.by_client( 2. $('.my-super-form').submit(); – Mikhail D Jun 25 '12 at 13:04

I think you should use nested model concept for this please refer-

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I finally figured it out. Since the bounty is ending tomorrow I'll be a good citizen and award u the bounty. Give u a boost of rep. Your answer is better than the other answer. – ctilley79 Jun 30 '12 at 14:25
You're supposed to say thank you. – ctilley79 Jun 30 '12 at 19:17
Thank you ctilley79. – Sandip Karanjekar Jul 1 '12 at 16:34

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