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My site is:

And i'm having trouble with AJAX page loader integration. When you click on a link in "secondary-menu", it adds it the "current-menu-item" class, but it doesn't remove de "current-menu-item" class from the other ones.

I'm trying to do it with this code:

// highlight the current menu item
jQuery('secondary-menu li').each(function() {

but it isn't working. There must be something wrong with the removeClass selector. Could you help me?

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jQuery('thiss') is probably not matching any elements, unless you have some <thiss /> tags, which would be odd. Maybe you should refresh your knowledge of jQuery selectors and how they work. – TheZ Jun 22 '12 at 15:20

Firstly, thiss doesn't exist (unless declared somewhere else). It must be this. In addition try something more like...


This is saying "Remove the class current-menu-item from any objects with the class current-menu-item, then add the class current-menu-item to the parent li of the clicked item"

In addition, make sure that in your CSS, .current-menu-item{...} appears after any styling for the non-currently selected item.

See Fiddle:

Also, unless you have a specific conflict with using the $ sign in place of jQuery, I suggest doing exactly that.

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thanks! I'm using "thiss" instead of "this" because I've defined the clicked element like that. However, your function isn't working. If I put that code instead of mine, I can't click on anything on the web – Alan Daitch Jun 22 '12 at 19:32
ok I have the solution! // highlight the current menu item jQuery('secondary-menu li').each(function() { }); jQuery('.current-menu-item').removeClass('current-menu-item'); jQuery(thiss).parents('li').addClass('current-menu-item'); don't ask me why, this worked! Thanks! – Alan Daitch Jun 22 '12 at 19:40

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