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private Context mContext;

 public Upload(Context context, DropboxAPI<?> api, String dropboxPath) 

        // We set the context this way so we don't accidentally leak activities
        mContext = context.getApplicationContext();

        String outPath = mContext.getExternalStorageDirectory(null).getAbsolutePath() + "/" +"a1.jpg";

Error:The method getExternalStorageDirectory() is undefined for the type Context

String outPath = mContext.getExternalFilesDir("mnt/sdcard").getAbsolutePath() + "/" +"a1.jpg";

works fine..

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Its static for the environment class not context stackoverflow.com/questions/5453708/… –  Slartibartfast Jun 22 '12 at 15:39

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String outPath = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(null).getAbsolutePath() + "/" +"a1.jpg";

instead of

String outPath = mContext.getExternalStorageDirectory(null).getAbsolutePath() + "/" +"a1.jpg";
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getExternalStorageDirectory() is not defined for Context type. It is defined in Environment class and it is a static method.

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